Cost effective laminate web for tube
available in Al-foil and Plastic based
ABL (Aluminium Barrier Laminated)
  • Excellent barrier for most application
  • Various thickness combination available
    to suit different market and pack size
  • Thickness reduction
    (ex. Extruded tube 450mic > ABL 250 mic)
Optimized for printability and tubing
PBL (Plastic Barrier Laminated)
  • Various barrier level available to suit
    different barrier requirement
  • Thickness reduction
    (ex. Extruded tube 500mic > ABL 350 mic)
ABL (Alluminium Barrier Laminate)
  • White, Silver, Pearl, Colored and Hologram
  • 272/12, 250/12, 220/12, 200/12, 175/12
Plastic Barrier Laminate
  • White, Transparent, Pearl, Colored, or Soft-Touch
  • 300, 350, 400 mc
  • UV Inhibitor inclusion possible
    for light sensitive products